Friday, June 8, 2012

Landry Lab Intensives! We're a Winner

This morning I got a very exciting email!


You have won a FREE 2-day Intensive!

It took me a minute for the words to sink in because I had forgotten that I had even entered a drawing with Landry Academy!

Two weeks ago I entered a contest here:  Landry Academy Facebook page 

Last week, before the most recent registration deadline ended, I completed the registration for a two workshop, called an Intensive, being held in our town this fall.  I registered my daughter for the 2 Day College Writing Intensive, designed to prepare her for the ACT and SAT Writing Exam and more. 

I had saved for this investment in her education.   She and a friend are attending the same Intensive. 
It was all set!

When I texted Ginger that she'd won a two day Intensive, she texted me back, "so can I take something more exciting than writing!"   

You know, I thought it might just be a blessing that she could attend the Intensive free (they will refund my money since we won).  

However, when a formerly half-hearted student asks to attend a two day science camp, maybe it is worth it to take the extra course.   Maybe that is the blessing God intended for us.   She "needs" to take the writing course -- she  wants to take another one in science.  
God meets wants and desires as well as needs, right?

What should I do?   What would you do in my place: stick with the single event plan or use the prize for an extra Intensive?

One thing I suggest YOU to is to look into these unique Intensives.  The quality of the labs Landry Academy offers are exceptional; you would have a hard time doing them at home, or even in a co-op.   Our experience with Landry Academy has been positive.  The courses she's taken have challenged my daughter and I believe they deserve most of the credit in turning around her lackadaisical attitude toward school.   Intensives are held all across the country.  Check out the list here.

A couple of people have mentioned to me that they shy away from Landry programs due to the cost.   I find that their prices are similar to other quality programs of a similar nature; but Landry is also very generous.  If you think far ahead and plan, you can enroll in courses at substantial discounts.   The discounts are systematically reduced through a series of deadlines.  By paying attention to the deadlines, I've been able to register for up to half price for some courses.

It is the same for summer camp.  
If you think now about next summer, you can attend a week of summer camp for half price.  

Then again, perhaps you too could win a Free Intensive.

Here is the most recent advice from the website:  
 Remember to enter our weekly giveaway! We have already given away NINE completely free 2-day intensives (valued at $280 each!) Enter using the link above every week; you may be the next winner! There's a new contest and a new winner each week!

I agree!!!   Go for it!!!

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