Friday, March 4, 2011

Review: All About Reading - A Preschool Program

Did you know that 34% of all children have a difficult time learning to read?   These children generally have a learning style that is weaker in the areas of language processing which make learning to read easy.  They may not "hear" the phonological sounds of our language in the same way others do, be able to distinguish separate sounds in words  or be able to easily associate letter symbols to sounds.

Studies have shown that there are five areas of reading readiness that must be in place before a child can begin to read words.   
Phonological awareness - Print awareness - Letter knowledge - Listening comprehension - and motivation to read.  These skills are the BIG FIVE that must be in place before reading skill can develop.

By laying the foundation with these five important skills, parents can help their child make the transition to reading with ease - even if they are among that 34% that might find reading a challenge otherwise. In fact, studies have shown that the earlier you begin to lay that foundation the better.

How can parents do this?  I;m NOT talking about word flashcards and daily drills!

Simple activities such as practicing with rhymes, playing "simon says" type games, playing with letters, listening for sounds in words and listening to stories are all skill building activities.   We do many of those things naturally with our children all through the pre-school years. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have an outline to follow so you could develop these skills in your child?   Wouldn't it be wonderful to have directions and activities that would make sitting down to "play" at pre-reading every day effortless?

The publishers of All About Spelling have created just such a program for the parent and pre-school child.

All About Reading Pre-1 is the newest product in the All About Spelling family. 

All About Reading teaches the BIG FIVE creatively through games, poetry, crafts and stories.   After completing this program, your child will be ready to read!

The programs comes in two packages:

Basic Package
All About Reading Level Pre-1

Deluxe Package
All About Reading Level Pre-1

The basic materials include teacher's guide with scripted lessons, a student book with crafts and activities, two hard-cover books of poems and stories, all the student activity components - letter cards and sound cards, plus two large posters for the well.

The Deluxe Package includes ZigZag Zebra in a sweet faced puppet, an organization box and a sturdy bag to keep the entire program organized.   When my 15 year old daughter opened the box, she immediately wanted to adopt the puppet!

When we sat and looked at the materials she asked, "Wow, why didn't we have this when I was little?"

You see, my daughter is one of the 34% group; learning to read was not easy for her.     I wish All About Reading had been around 10 years ago!   While the older children were doing "real" school, my daughter wanted so badly to "do school" too!  I could have just pulled out the bag each day and enjoyed a productive time with her with very little planning on my part!

Why wait to see if your child is one of the 34% who will struggle to read.    All About Reading has done the work of developing a "reading problem prevention program" so all you have to do is open the books and start working with your child in a way that builds skills and memories at the same time

Special Offer - Limited Time!

Until March 7, 2011 you will receive $20 in free products when you order All About Reading.  These products are audio books on CD.  These would be great to use in the car - your child can listen to the books many times while you are driving around on errands. 

FREE eBooks

You can try All About Reading for FREE.  Maria Rippel is offering two eBooks featuring the main character from her new series, ZigZag Zebra so parents can see how effective and fun All About Reading Pre-1 is.  Download both of these activity books and see for yourself how easy it is to have a meaningful lesson with your preschool child while practicing listening comprehension and phonemic awareness.

The activities in this e-book focus on listening comprehension, which is a precursor to reading comprehension. You can foster listening comprehension by discussing stories and characters, expanding vocabulary, and exposing children to a wide variety of activities. Sequencing activities--such as those found in this activity book--are also great for improving comprehension.

 The Zigzag Zebra is in the kitchen cooking up a storm, and your child can help! And while your child is helping Ziggy, he or she will be absorbing critical pre-reading skills.

The activities in this e-book focus on rhyming, identifying the first sounds of a word, oral blending, and clapping syllables--all designed to reinforce phonological awareness.

All About Reading is THE preschool program every homeschool should invest in.  The products are durable enough to last for all your children - maybe even your grandchildren!

I was given a set of All About Reading for review because I am an affiliate of this publisher.  I am an affiliate because I believe in these products and have seen the results using them brings with students (pertaining to All About Spelling). 

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